In ten years of business, Scott Johnson Photography has captured hundreds of rooms of all sizes and types for clients in the interior design and marketing industries. Our interior design photographers have photographed over 50 homes, with an average value of $6 million per home. Working closely with interior designers and marketing professionals, we have traveled throughout the United States, North America, the Caribbean, and Europe to photograph custom homes, apartments and condominiums in a wide variety of architectural and interior design styles.

An Interior Design Photographer Who Listens

An architectural photographer specializing in interior design photography, Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. has developed a close working relationship with the interior designers and marketing managers with whom we work. We listen first to the needs and desires of the client, and work closely with them on-site to accentuate the particular design details that our interior designer and interior decorator clients wish to emphasize. We provide guidance and expertise to the interior designer, but we understand that the final decision is made by the designer. We actively solicit their input into the final image, working with them closely on every detail to ensure the proper textures, shapes, colors and proportions are represented in the image.
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Architectural Photography Experience

Interior Design as Landscape

At Scott Johnson Photography, our passion for nature and landscape photography developed first. In our training into the techniques and rules of photography, we developed a keen sensitivity to the nuances and structure of the landscape, developing the photographic eye to capture and order these nuances. Landscape photography requires a different approach than portrait, wildlife, studio, or even architectural and resort photography. The landscape photographer considers the scene organically, harmonizing the elements in the image from the foreground to the background. He takes great care in the placement of the camera and the organization of the composition to keep these considerations in mind. Likewise, the interior designer organizes the colors and placement of furnishings and accessories organically, to give the room a natural order and harmony. At Scott Johnson Photography, we have taken a landscape approach and applied it to interior design photography. We apply the approach we learned in capturing the landscape to the interior spaces we photograph for our interior designer and interior decorator clients.

Capturing challenging spaces in Interior Design Photography

In a decade of experience in architectural photography, Scott Johnson Photography has been confronted with a wide array of challenges in the interior and exterior spaces we have been commissioned to capture. From the tiniest of bathrooms to highly reflective surfaces and hard to clean full-length windows, we have faced almost every lighting and composition challenge that one can face in architectural and interior design photography. And we have found a way to overcome these challenges and bring out the best in interior design photography.

Capturing varying architectural styles in interior design photography

In our experience traveling throughout the world, we have captured properties of all types, sizes and architectural styles, from the log-home “parkitecture” style prevalent in the lodges of the national parks, the stone and timber design of ski resort homes, to adobe, to antebellum, to modern. No matter the architectural style, Scott Johnson Photography has experience in capturing its features and nuances. The architect designs a building and the interior designer chooses the art, accessories and furnishings to reflect the property’s mood and environment. At Scott Johnson Photography, we pursue interior design photography to capture the furnishings and the architecture with the proper sense of context and intimacy.

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