Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. has over a decade of experience in the field of hotel photography, resort photography, and general hospitality photography. In that time, we have gained unparalleled experience in the field, photographing over 500 hotels, resorts, golf courses, and spas throughout the world.

Hospitality Photography Specialization

As an architectural photographer specializing in hotel and resort photography, Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. has developed a keen sense of understanding of the hospitality industry and hotel marketing. Hospitality photography is a particularly challenging area of architectural photography as every hotel and resort has a unique marketing story to tell in order for it to stand out in a cluttered world of travel photography. Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. pays careful attention to detail and applies a highly-developed sensitivity to the nuances and strengths of a particular hotel or resort to provide its hotel and resort photography services.

Hotel Marketing Expertise

We do not apply a cookie cutter approach to hospitality photography. Each hotel or resort has its own individual architectural characteristics and marketing challenges. Thus, the hotel and interior design photographer must adapt his approach to every hotel and resort property. While Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. captures each property in the hospitality industry differently, according to its unique strengths, we keep two important considerations in mind in all of our work: context and intimacy.

Demonstrating Context in Hotel and Resort Photography

The first challenge a resort marketing manager faces in marketing their hotel or resort property is to draw the viewer’s attention to the compelling context of their property in its environment – whether it is located steps away from the gold course or beach, adjacent to the highway or convention center downtown, or near the airport. Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. pays careful attention to detail in both interior and exterior photography of hotel and resort properties to ensure that the images captured are properly lit and composed to capture the context of the hotel. Hotel lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants, and all interior spaces are lit to reveal both the interior detail and the exterior view. Resort and hotel exteriors are photographed at appropriate times of the day and from the necessary angles and vantage points to show the hotel property in its environment. In some cases, especially with larger resort hotels, aerial photography is employed to capture the hotel in context.
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Hotel and Resort Photography Experience

Capturing Intimacy in Resort Photography

Beyond the physical location of a hotel or resort, the hotel sales manager or resort marketing manager must impress their client with the intimacy of a resort or hotel’s details. If location (context) is what brings a client through the doors of a hotel or onto the grounds of a resort, then intimacy is what makes the guest want to stay, and to return. As an architectural photographer who specializes in hotel and resort photography for advertising, marketing, commercial real estate, and investment purposes, Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. knows that compelling hotel and resort photography pays attention to more than architecture and location. An equally important story for a hotel, resort, golf course, or spa to reveal to clients and potential guests lies in the intimacy, luxury, styling, and convenience of the hotel or resort’s décor and technology. At Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. we compose our interior design photography to reveal the textures and shapes that impart a sense of luxury, while respecting the need to show the dimension of a space and a harmony of all of the elements that the interior designer intended. As an interior design photographer, we see ourselves as an extension of the viewer’s eyes, and place the audience at an intimate level in the room, whether it is at the restaurant table, the guest room seating, or the lobby sofa. We pay close attention to the details of lighting in all our hotel photography to ensure that interior and exterior photos impart a sense of warmth and welcome to the potential guest or investor.

Hospitality Photography All over the World

Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but we have traveled throughout the entire United States and North America, the Caribbean, and Europe to photograph hotels, resorts, and luxury homes for our clients in the hospitality industry. We have photographed over 500 hotels and resorts in 46 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and in 9 countries.

Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility in Resort Photography

Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. works with very low overhead and presence on a hotel or resort property. We conduct our hotel and resort photography with minimal disruption to the guest experience. In all cases we work closely with general managers and sales directors in coordinating the photography schedule. Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. has flexible rates and provides discounts to frequent or ongoing clients. For more information, please see our assignments and services galleries and visit our parent website Please call us today at 678-234-6910 to find out more or for a quote for your hospitality photography marketing needs.

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