At Scott Johnson Photography, Inc., we pride ourselves on one simple measurement of success:

We Sell Properties.

Whether it's filling hotel rooms or golf carts, enticing potential investors or developers to act, selling memberships, or attracting visitors to a particular destination, Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. helps its clients sell their properties.

We do not shower you with our own praises. Instead, we prefer to let our experience, the context and intimacy of our photos, and our clients speak for us.

In ten years, Scott Johnson Photography, Inc. has been commissioned to photograph properties with a collective value in excess of $10 billion:

  • providing clients with more than 75,000 images
  • logging more than 150 photo flight hours
  • photographing properties in 46 states and 9 countries
  • building a hospitality portfolio consisting of more than 500 hotels, golf courses and luxury homes
  • amassing a collection of images of more than 10,000 interior spaces
  • capturing the unique architecture and setting of the lodges, scenery and wildlife of more than 40 national and state parks

What our clients say about us:

"When I send him to shoot one of our properties, I don't have to explain what I want to capture. He listens and has developed an intuitive understanding of our marketing goals."

"I have met many good architectural photographers and some great landscape photographers, but their skills don't generally translate from one area to another. Scott is an exception."

"We have used other photographers from time to time, but keep coming back to Scott. In fact, we have had to send him back to some of our properties to shoot and capture things that the others could not."

"This guy makes mundane things look interesting."
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